Conflict Analysis & Transformation

From 2011 to 2013, I studied a master in Conflictology, specialised in Armed Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management in Open University of Catalonia (UOC); one of the hardest and best periods of my life. Along those two years I worked on Science and Conflict, Communications and Conflict, Economy and Conflict, Ethics and Conflict, Social Conflicts Management, Conflictology, Commercial Mediation, Mobbing, Resolution and Cooperation, Law and Reconciliation, Crisis Management, Human Rights Research, United Nations, Non-Violence, Personal Protection in the Humanitarian Aid and Conflict resolution and International Cooperation. From those subjects, three theses came out:

palestine Israel VS Palestine: new approximation to the conflict

Argel Islam as a banner of the Algerian frustration

AFGANISTÁN-TIENE-NOMBRE-DE-MUJER-(portada) Burqas and lipsticks: Afghanistan, also a women’s land

leona The Afghan Lions

Not happy with this, on 2014 until September 2015; I came back to UOC to study a postgraduate in International Cooperation to the Development. Strategies and Intervention frames, Evaluation, Application and follow-up of International Cooperation Programs, Participation and Community Development, Project’s planning process, Intervention areas and the System of the International Cooperation were my subjects. Thanks to ActionAid Ireland, I could develop my final thesis.

malawi UWAMA program Evaluation for the GBV reduction in Malawi.